Music enthusiast, retro-gamer, mid-twenties and married. I work at Rise Records in Portland, OR. I used to front the rock band The Graduate, and occasionally write story-lines and music for video games.

Building a Better Game with Unity


We’re always experimenting with different tools and applications, looking for what’s going to best suit our current project. The original demo of King Dudeman was built using Korna, and it seemed like the right move at the time. It was quick and easy to get up and running, and before we knew it…

Switching Platforms: Mobile vs PC


When we first started dreaming up King Dudeman back in 2011, we thought it would make an amazing mobile game. We had grand ideas for a unique control scheme with 6-buttons on screen, features that would use your GPS and Weather apps to change the mechanics in some parts of the world, and some…

Our Next Project is a Blast from the Past


We’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what we want to work on next. After working on several ideas for another mobile game, we weren’t getting as fired up as we would have liked… so we thought maybe it’s finally time to go back to the game that got us all together in the first place.

Marketing Your Game on a Budget


When we started making games, marketing was the last thing we thought about. After the release of our first game, it was clear we needed to put just as much focus on getting the word out as we were into making our games. We did a lot of research and found some great resources and advice from…


Our first trailer for “Don’t Eat People” is here! This game is 100%, and hits the iTunes App Store on May 25th - available for iPhone and iPad

Don't Eat People



Seriously…Don’t do it…

May is almost here, and that means cool things are about to arrive from us - your faves - Piasa Games!

We’ve been hard at work with a few exciting projects, including a new mini-game we cooked up called “Don’t Eat People”. You play as a hungry monster gobbling down…


Comics bud Zac Gorman began putting together a Frasier zine a while ago. Progress is slow-going, but I talked to him and he said it would be cool to share my comic so here you go.

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Failing fast with lean game design



In November, we shared with you how we created a game, Hot Shot Santa, in just 6 weeks. And that wasn’t 6 weeks of actual man hours, but the time span we had to actually complete our game and make sure it was approved to the app store with a little wiggle room in case it was rejected. We…

How to make a game in 6 weeks


We really like video games. A lot. So much, in fact, we started a little gaming company with almost zero knowledge of what it took to actually make a game! Minor details…

Piasa games was founded in 2012 on a cold night in Chicago, IL. Determined to create something playable - and above all…